Why Start a Blog now?

Why start a blog and why now? To give the short answer, I love to write. In my almost 30 years of adventures, I have done and seen a lot. My next 30 years are going to be filled with adventures beyond my wildest imagination. Starting off with this year, I will finally get my passport and I’ll use it to go to Great Britain and Germany. After that, who knows where the trade winds will take me.

Now to give some information on why I chose this particular name for my blog.

Oxford English Dictionary defines wayfarer and musings like this:

wayfarer, a person who travels on foot.

musings, a period of reflection or thought.

The term wayfarer brings about a certain notion of romanticized travel, seeing the world in such a way that it becomes an intimate experience. I fancy myself to be a traveler, and really, aren’t we all? Granted not everyone travels by foot nowadays, but it’s still traveling. This blog will serve as the platform to share my thoughts or musings as it were on travel, food and life.

We are all stories in the end, so make it a good one.



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