When we come to God with our fears, our doubts and our hearts desires; we are Asking Him to take care of everything and prepare a bountiful table before us.

Also when we Ask God to provide for us, we are Seeking his wisdom, comfort and peace.

By Asking and Seeking, we are simply Knocking on the door to the Lord’s heart. If scripture teaches us anything, it is that the door to His heart that is always open with unconditional love. The proof lies in the fact that He sent His only son to be born upon this earth and to suffer and die for our sins that we may have everlasting life. More often than not, it is God who is Knocking on the door to our hearts because He wants to be in fellowship with us.

So when it comes to God, remember the door is always open and he is there waiting with arms outstretched in perfect love.



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