Fallen Officer

My Dad has been in law enforcement since I was 2 years old. During that entire time we have only lost one other officer. Today we lost one of our own. The officer had been in law enforcement for over 50 years. The streets of heaven have one more officer on patrol.

Today in the sun, I bid him farewell, a man, a hero, I never knew well. Like many before him, who answered the call. Wearing a badge, he was destined to fall. Though by choice a long life and a happy old age would he have chosen, had he written the page.

But the office he chose never promised long life. Just half of his salary, for his child and his wife. He went without fear, into the darkness of night. Bringing comfort to some, to some others light. Easing their pain and calming their fears. He did his duty, never asking for cheers. A husband, a cop, he answered the call. We bid him farewell for he gave his all.


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