Carry Me

I have finally calmed back down after yet another panic attack. At the start, it feels as if someone has their hands around my throat with their grip tightening as each second passes. In the middle of an attack, it feels like I can’t catch my breath. My heart beats so fast that it feels like it is going to give out any second. I get lightheaded and it’s almost as if I’m going to pass out. Paralyzed by fear I can’t reach for my phone to call for help, let alone speak.

I’ve been dealing with it long enough that most times I can recognize the warning signs. Other times there is no warning. There is no pattern to the attacks. They happen at varying times and places. I can even be watching National Lampoon’s European Vacation and have a panic attack.

Through everything, in the deepest of valleys and darkest of shadows there is one steadfast truth I hold onto, my Lord and God, my Savior, my rock and my Father in heaven will always carry me through. There is an incredible Christian music artist by the name of Josh Wilson, that wrote a song in 2012 that describes everything so perfectly. The title of that song is Carry Me. The link to the K-Love acoustic version is below. Give it a listen, and hopefully it will help you as much as it has helped me.

Carry Me by Josh Wilson


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